Our Story

Based in Rajasthan, India, Dr. Nature Wellness is a venture of Vritika Herbotech Pvt Ltd.
The managing Director and founder, Mr. Tara Prakash Tiwari dreamt of a world where ‘Health’ and ‘Wealth’ would be a basic right for all and not just for a few privileged ones. To understand this selfless ideology of his, you will have to go back to his childhood.

Our Heritage

Growing up, he watched his father, “Shri Ram Charan Tiwari”, a renowned ayurvedic physician helping and curing thousands of people. The knowledge of Ayurveda and the attitude to serve others was a generous legacy he received right from his childhood.

He went on to build this knowledge into an expertise by studying MSc in agriculture and worked as an Agricultural Research Scientist with the Indian government.
But soon he realized that cultivating medicinal herbs and plants organically was the need of the hour. That’s when he resigned from his job and founded VritikaHerbotech Pvt Ltd , a company manufacturing ayurvedic juices and wellness products and the rest is history!!

Vritika Herbotech is now a global award-winning company with prestigious awards like the “Bharat Award” and the “Udyog Ratan Award” in its bag. It manufactures products for top Ayurvedic companies like Dabur, Shree BaidyanathAyurved, Himalaya, Leeford health care, Sharmaayu, Unjha pharmacy and exports to more than 50 other companies across the world!!

The Realization

When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, the plight of the people shook Mr. Tara Prakash Tiwari to his core.
Here he was, making massive money with the sudden increase in demand for ayurvedic products, but the people around him were losing their health, their jobs and incurring heavy losses. He knew,

Ayurveda was the answer to all of these problems.

That is how Dr. Nature Wellness Pvt Ltd. was born. To bridge the gap between the pre and the post covid world. Our sole purpose is to create a healthier world and providing financial freedom to millions of people.

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